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Rat Proverbs

Blurred thoughts of a bunch of rodents running tracks in Barcelona city. Renfe, Metro Line 2, 3, 4, 5 and also the unfinished 9/10 line plus some derelict metro and train locations adorn this post. Taken through various misadventures featuring the barbed one, the islander, the paranoid and the mad one… Selected pictures of random moments underneath that don’t fit elsewhere. Taken in various tunnels of general nonsense. No direction, no aim, just hanging around in the dirt. Not taking it too seriously, just creepin’ – who knows how this all started.

1. In the beginning were tunnels, but no tracks;

2. It was dark and shitty;

3. Then a light opened our rodent sight. Treading carefully we ventured in, the smell of cheese was enough for us that night;

4. The spider web of tunnels continued to lure us in;

5. Time and time again we crossed the threshold and back in time. Cheese for rodents!;

6. The whole time, the eyes of the surface world were watching us; continuously angry with our adventures;

7. But in a pipe dream filled with mud the time dies without weaponry;

8. High grain is high thrill;

9. Never a blind mouse was left behind. The concrete routine between the turbine and the wall;

10. Surface scumbags cancelled this walk, they didn’t even want to talk with us;

11. Creep in trash, feeling safe in shit, no doubt we’d swim in it;

12. When a tunnel rat dies, three beams of light run the line until they reach the skies;

13. Occasionally we do the right thing, even if that means to clean;

14. Follow the light;

15. -“Go in to the light Carol Anne!”– Shut up dickhead! Death is beyond that door;

16. Some rats prefer that than to taste the dust on the floor;

17. Feeling depressed in a one way vent, huh?;

18. Light at the end means an exit or a train. Choose wisely;

19. Tonnes of steel passing trough at high speed, nail yourself to the floor quick;

20. The stronghold and his appearance makes the rats bare long teeth;

21. Who knows what lies beneath;

22. Getting here means dirty hands;

23. But for sure in this angry surface world sometimes loneliness is glory.

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