About Us

Trackrunners.net is a project born out of a desire to see whatever we like, however we like. to live free, fast and have a good time whilst we do it. We are from many backgrounds, varying from the world of graffiti, urban exploration, writing, photography and many other meaningless boxes which society loves to use to pigeonhole those who won’t conform. We are brought together by a common interest and goal: to see it all.

If you can’t already understand the reason why these pages, photos and words exist then I’m afraid that there is no hope of anybody ever trying to explain it to you. The logic in carrying out such a set of activities is most likely skewed, but in honest truth there are very few other ways in this world of truly being free. This site was born from the desire to showcase to the world that it is possible to do as you please. We are not the first, nor the last, just a group of passengers on this train we call life taking a small part of the city for ourselves. You’ll find us by day living normal lives. On the surface, normal people with steady jobs, families and whole identities that hide our second side. By night you’ll find us crawling in filth, stacked against the wall with a train flying past or running from workers who we just disturbed trying to reach that new part of the system.

You may still, after browsing, wonder what this is all about. Question our motives and sanity and ask yourself if we really have nothing better to fill our time… We invite you to suck it up and try your hand at running on the ballast. We’re sure you’ll agree with the addiction.