• Metro Station Image

    To Boldly Go

    “There is a place in the metro, a yard. It’s dangerous; Even some of the toughest writers won’t go there, the guards are skinhead neo-nazis ready to fight and they carry weapons. It’s a war and that’s where the main…

  • Sleeping Girl Image

    Sleep When You’re Dead

    Someone recently noted something about me that was probably excessively apparent but has become so much a part of my life that I don’t give it a second thought anymore. We were sat in my nice air conditioned office discussing…

  • Tunnel Image

    The Confession

    Do not expect any confessions from us you idiot. Buy a celebrity magazine or some shit like that. On the surface there’s only boredom, nobody helps each other out, but fortunately underground everything is good. Partnerships arise and the truth is told. So…

  • Metro Image

    Rat Proverbs

    Blurred thoughts of a bunch of rodents running tracks in Barcelona city. Renfe, Metro Line 2, 3, 4, 5 and also the unfinished 9/10 line plus some derelict metro and train locations adorn this post. Taken through various misadventures featuring the…